Our Next Movie Needs You

Our team spent last Wednesday in a studio shooting our next movie — The Story of Change.

I’m more excited to share this movie with you than any of the six we’ve made since releasing the original Story of Stuff because it explains how we can make big change together by exercising our citizen muscles.

You see, I’m convinced that there’s one main thing keeping us from making big change.

We’ve got the ideas — solutions to many vexing environmental and social problems exist right now

We’ve got the commitment — the vast majority of people want a healthy environment, good jobs and vibrant communities.

We just need some serious action!

Here at the Story of Stuff Project, we’re going to do our best to inspire millions to action with The Story of Change. Like every movie we’ve made, we’ll offer it for free to anyone in the world who wants to view or share it.

But to do that, we need the help of folks like you.

Will you contribute $25, $50 or $100 right now to help us finish The Story of Change for release this June?

With your contribution, you’ll receive a co-producer credit on the movie website and a first peek at The Story of Change before we release it.

But more importantly, you’ll be helping us take a giant stride toward what has always been our goal with The Story of Stuff Project: turning a movie into a movement.

As I’ve traveled around the world these last several years, the number one question I’m asked is “what can I do?”

There’s so much big change to be made, yet when I ask people what they think they can do, I’m almost always met with the same response: I can buy fair trade or I can stop buying bottled water or I can ride my bike to work.

Those are all good things to do — they’re things I do in my own life and I hope you do too — but we’ll get on a real roll when more of us start saying ‘we can’ instead of ‘I can,’ and when we step out of our consumer-selves and step together into our power as citizens to make big, bold change.

That’s the basic message of The Story of Change, a message that I believe needs to be heard far and wide.

So please, make a contribution to The Story of Stuff Project today. And keep your eyes open for The Story of Change — we’ll be counting on you to share it with your friends and family.

Thanks for your generous support and for everything you do to make the world a better place.

Thanks for your support!

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