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Plastic Bag Dryer

The average lunch contains 3 plastic snack bags, which adds up to thousands a year for each family. Making all those plastic bags requires lots of oil — a key ingredient in plastics — and throwing them away adds to our garbage problem.

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Over 25% of our household waste in the US is green waste from kitchens and yards. Food scraps are full of nutrients that are valuable if returned to the soil, but dangerous if dumped in a landfill, where they rot and release methane, a potent greenhouse gas. In order to reduce waste, build soil health and prevent climate change, there...

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Concentrated Packaging

On The Revolution, Annie showed Ty a package of household cleanser that was super concentrated. Super concentrated means less packaging. When we buy regular cleaners or detergents, the jug is mostly full of water. Instead, we can buy super concentrated, add our own water at home and just keep re-using the same bottle over and over.

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