What Kind of Changemaker Are You?

Ready to make some change? Want to help write the next chapter in the Story of Stuff? Whatever you have to offer, a better future needs it! Take our Changemaker Personality Quiz to see how you show up in the world and what role you can play in the Story of Stuff Community and beyond. Then share your results with your friends!

Question 3

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Which words or phrases do you most associate with “making change”?

Question 4

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You’re at a meeting for a small local project working to protest some budget cuts in your local school district. Someone says: "We need a few volunteers to help out with an upcoming meeting!" Before you raise your hand, your internal dialogue probably sounds something like:

Question 5

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You are making an important group decision. It might be about family finances, a key work project, campaign strategy, or another critical issue. You are most likely to feel frustrated with the process when:

Question 6

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Which of the following phrases would your friends and family mostly likely use to describe you?

Question 7

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It's Sunday afternoon. You are most likely: