ENOUGH: What is it? When do we know we’re there…

…And enough what? Stuff? Health? Credit Card Debt? Friends?

You may have heard about a book called Your Money or Your Life, originally published in 1992 and updated last year. If you haven’t read it, I recommend you check it out. The book became a huge hit and resonated with hundreds of thousands of readers who felt buried under debt and stuff, while lacking time for friends, leisure, and fun. It helped start a national discussion about enough by asking how much is enough of anything and how do we know when we’re there.

As co-author, Vicki Robin, explains: “In an era of excess, ‘enoughness’, is a radical practice. So many of us are in personal overwhelm (spending and doing and striving too much) and humanity is in overshoot (using more of the earth’s resources each year than the earth can provide). Both conditions link right back to our relationship with money.”

Earlier this month we posted one of Vicki’s free online classes on Facebook and got some great feedback from the community. She is now offering three free webinars that help you transform your relationship with money and life. These webinars, as well as her paid classes, offer resources, tools, tips, and social support for building a healthier relationship to money so we can spend more of our life on living, less on paying credit card debt. All explore issues at the core of our obsession with stuff.

Click HERE for more information on each of the webinars and on how to sign up.

We’d love some feedback from those of you who participate in any of the webinars. Please post a comment here or on our Facebook page.

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