I’ll Show You #MyBag if You Show Me Yours

Californians came together out of a shared concern for how the the 13 billion single-use plastic bags littered each year harm its landmark oceans, lakes and rivers.  Together, the people of the Golden State passed landmark legislation to outlaw them. And they celebrated victory when, in September of 2014, their governor, Jerry Brown, signed the bill – set to go into effect on July 1, 2015.

But it won’t. Because plastic bag companies threw their financial weight behind a signature-gathering campaign that is forcing California’s law onto the November 2016 ballot, delaying the ban until voters cast their votes on a referendum.

You know what we say? Why wait? Let’s stand with the people of California and do the right thing. Let’s create a massive social campaign celebrating how great reusable bags can be.

In fact, we want to see your best reusable bag selfie! Do you have a bag you decorated yourself? One that promotes a great local business? Did you craft a DIY bag out of something else?

Show us! Post your #MyBag selfie to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (whatever social channel you love) and show the world that we can do the right things right now – no matter where you are. Explain your support for California’s plastic bag ban; encourage your friends, family and followers to do the same.  Be sure to include #MyBag. And please give an extra shout out to The Story of Stuff Project by tagging your post @storyofstuff so we can share it with our followers.

Plastic bag companies take note: come July 1, 2015, single-use plastic bags are on their way out because reusables rock!

And keep on posting! Show everyone how easy and stylish it is to use reusable bags. When the ban is upheld in November 2016, we’ll already be well on our way to ending this stream of plastic pollution. Maybe, as an added benefit, we’ll encourage other states and countries to follow suit.

No matter where you are, show us your reusable bags!

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