Loop Scoops: Story of Stuff for Kids… in English and Spanish!

Reboot Saturday morning cartoons with Loop Scoops and your child will never look at a juice box the same way again.

Created via a partnership between PBSKids and The Story of Stuff, Loop Scoops are a great way to get the whole family talking about Stuff. And now, thanks to the support of a Story of Stuff Community member, the episodes have been dubbed into Spanish as well.

Designed to get kids thinking about where their Stuff comes from and how it’s made, Loop Scoops takes the same ideas that are in The Story of Stuff movies and adapts them for kids from 6- to 9-years-old. Using kid-friendly access points like Velcro, game systems, and juice boxes, these charming cartoons illustrate concepts like recycling and composting, the web of an ecosystem, and the power of looking to nature for innovative solutions to problems.

So have a look. You might learn something new, too.

Loop Scoops  – Electronic Game Device – in English:


Loop Scoops  – Electronic Game Device – in Spanish:

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