She Lives a Zero Waste Life in NYC. If She Can Do It, So Can You.

One day, environmental studies major Lauren Singer looked into her refrigerator, saw a sea of plastic – from yogurt tubs to bottled beverages. She realized that she was not living any of the principles she was learning about in her college classes. Then and there, she decided to change her lifestyle. Now she lives a zero waste life in New York City.

What does zero waste mean? Lauren defines zero waste as not producing any garbage that goes to a landfill, although she does recycle and compost.

To put this in perspective, the average person generates 4.3 pounds of trash per day, but all of Lauren’s trash from the past three years fits in a single mason jar.

How did she do it? One of the biggest changes Singer made was to learn how to make her own personal care products.

Today, Lauren share her latest zero waste recipe with us: DIY deodorant. You can be crafty, stay fresh, and smell great with ingredients from your own kitchen.

Check it out:

The full recipe is shown on Lauren’s blog, Trash is for Tossers.

In Lauren’s TEDx talk, she makes a great point–-if you make your own products, you can dictate the scent, the ingredients, and the packaging, instead of being bound by manufactured items at the store. More and more people are warming up to this way of thinking (and washing).

How can you reduce your own waste stream? Singer suggests that you start by identifying the problem, meaning you should take stock of what you throw away. Make a list and see what the three biggest categories are. Figure out how to reduce those, and you’ll see a big change.

Let us know: how do you go zero waste in your home?

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