Think Global, Act Together: Community Launchpad

By Emma Cape


One thing we learned from our 2015 Community Member Survey is that our Community is excited to see The Story of Stuff Project focusing energy on empowering local communities to make change. Our movies have helped inspired a Community full of changemakers and visionaries to address the take-make-waste economy in countless creative and unique ways. And while the problems that The Story of Stuff movies discuss are global in scope, many of the best solutions are those that are implemented locally. Locally sustainable solutions help protect our environment, reduce our carbon footprint and strengthen community.

With that in mind, we’re piloting a new program to support and grow solutions-oriented projects being led by Community members around the world. We just launched the first phase of the program with our call for project proposals:

Are you working on a project that could benefit from the support of The Story of Stuff Community? Click here to tell us about it!

By joining together the diverse skills and talents of our one million members, we’re aiming to strengthen our global Community and provide support and resources to strategically grow real change. Working together – building, networking, resisting, communicating – we can build a society based on better not more, one project at a time.

Whether you’re creating a new sharing network in your neighborhood, standing up to a big-box store, sticking up for zero waste solutions in your town, or something else awesome, we’re ready to pitch in.

Submit a proposal today to let us know how our incredible Community of changemakers can best amplify your effort.

In this initial phase, we’ll select ten local campaigns, projects or other community-led efforts that are already underway where we can lend some focused support. Need an hour or two with an experienced campaigner? Connections with other folks in your region to build your network? Some well-timed exposure on social media? We’ve got your back!

Proposals will be considered on a rolling basis, although our deadline for the first round of selections is Friday, March 27th.

We can’t wait to collaborate!


Want to learn more about The Story of Stuff? Watch the original movie: The Story of Stuff.

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