Water For Life, Not For Profit! Canadians Fight Nestlé’s Water Extractions

In Ontario, community members are working to stop Nestlé’s extraction of water under expired permits. Just miles from the shore of Lake Ontario, Nestlé is currently pumping about five million litres per day. This is expected to continue unabated because it is unknown when the government will make a decision on the renewal application.

We teamed up with Council of Canadians and Wellington Water Watchers to create this short video about Nestlé’s operations and the community’s response in Ontario. 

This week, thousands gathered around the world to advocate for the protection and revitalization of their local waterways. The theme of this year’s World Water Day is Nature for Water, and it explores how we can use nature’s own designs and systems to overcome the water challenges of the 21st century.

At The Story of Stuff Project, we’ve spent the last year collaborating with groups in the Great Lakes region on both sides of the border to promote public solutions to water problems. One way that we support Nature for Water is to stand in opposition to private corporations like Nestlé. These corporations threaten the Great Lakes by depleting what would otherwise be untouched aquifers in healthy ecosystems to produce bottled water. What could be further from nature than bottling water in plastic bottles?

If we can stop the extraction of this water, we can protect natural ecosystems and prevent single-use plastic water bottles from entering our waste-stream at disposal.

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