8 days since i signed up the campaign ‪#‎plasticfreejuly‬ I found myself ‪#‎plasticfail‬ almost everyday..
I tried so hard to find out why i bring my own bottle but i still need those plastics.
I always filled the bottle with water at Ma:D.. so whenever i want to have fruit smoothie, i go with new plastic glass rather than pour the water out. (My feeling said noooo, you cant waste drinking water too.)
Today i tried a bit more with my own water consumption planning, including all water, smoothie and coke.
I can save the bin from 3 plastic bottles, 3 straws and one plactic smoothie glass today!! But still fail with 1 more bottle for dinner in food park… there was no water refill tank.
Soooo another super important factor issssssssss the water refill tank!!!
If we have water refill tank all over, it could change how people consume water so much… Sure!! A lot less plastic bottle a day!!
Even i brought my own bottle, for 8 days, the number of plastic-replacing is still lower than the number of my plastic-fail a lot.
Try more.. I will figure out the way to make it better and better ♡
#PlasticFreeJuly ‪#‎StoryOfStuff‬
‪#‎BetterSocietyEveryday_StartWithMyself‬ ‪#‎WeNeedRealBehavioralChangeRatherThanJustATrendyPost‬

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