I’ve always considered myself pretty eco-savvy, but I’m ashamed to admit I didn’t give a lot of thought to the containers my products came in. I figured everything had to come in a package, and it’s pretty much always plastic anyways, right?
I found out this month that’s not the case. It was quite a fun challenge trying to see what plastic I could avoid. I was surprised how not only am I producing less trash but I’m also producing less recycling and compost, and I’m saving a ton of money too. I’ve all but eliminated most food containers and am trying to be mindful of my food use/waste.
It’s amazing how many opportunities there are to avoid plastic if you’re willing to prepare, ask questions, and don’t be afraid to sound silly! The total weight of my plastic fails for July was 10oz! After seeing what I can do this Plastic Free July there’s no going back!

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