$4,000 v. $7,000,000,000

If you think corporations have too much power in our democracy (or yours), we need you to keep reading.

Last March, our Project released The Story of Citizens United v. FEC, a look at the disastrous 2010 U.S. Supreme Court decision that permits corporations to spend unlimited funds to influence how Americans vote.

If you’ve been following this year’s U.S. Presidential race, you know what I mean by disastrous:  out of control fundraising by unaccountable Super PACs, dirty attack ads funded by shadowy corporate front groups and total combined spending on the Presidential and Congressional elections estimated to reach as much as 6 or 7 billion dollars.

That’s right, $7,000,000,000.

And believe you me, if you’re a corporation pumping millions into an election, you’re expecting more than a bumper sticker in return! (Maybe a pipeline permit?)

Over the past year, The Story of Citizens United v. FEC has attracted over 400,000 views. The petitions for a constitutional amendment overturning Citizens United have garnered hundreds of thousands of signers, and cities and states from coast to coast have expressed their support as well. That’s a great start, but we’ve got to reach far more people.

You can help today by supporting our partnership with LoudSauce to buy online ad space for a 30-second teaser for The Story of Citizens United v. FEC.

Watch the teaser here.

For only $2,000, we’ll be able to get this teaser in front of 200,000 potential viewers, with a specific focus on reaching young voters.

While $2,000 probably wouldn’t buy us a tax break or Ambassador appointment, it may reach enough of ‘We the People’ to keep our fight to overturn Citizens United on a roll.

So if you’ve got $5 or $20 or $100 to contribute, please help out.

Many thanks for all the things you do to build a more sustainable, just and fulfilling world.