These days, our Stuff is increasingly made from one very problematic material: plastic.

All that plastic is ending up in places it’s not supposed to: on our beaches, in our food, even in our drinking water. But even before reaching landfills or the environment, plastic causes serious problems for people and the planet. From the extraction of fossil fuels used to produce it, to  pollution-causing plastic production plants in low-income communities, our plastic habit has serious consequences.

For too long, the true cost of our plastic habit – and the solutions that will help us create a world free from plastic pollution – have been hidden from view. That’s why we are setting out to fundamentally transform the conversation about plastic with our most ambitious film yet, The Story of Plastic.

Explore below to learn more about plastic pollution and its solutions, meet the changemakers featured in the film, and watch videos from the road to The Story of Plastic!


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A Growing Global Movement to Break Free From Plastic

There is now one ton of plastic for every person on Earth – over half of which has been produced in the last 13 years. But we can no longer ignore the consequences of our plastic habit, which is devastating people and ecosystems in every corner of the globe. Plastic pollution is poisoning communities, choking our oceans, and represents a global crisis that demands a global solution.

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