Tell Coca-Cola: Stop Blocking Plastic Solutions!

THE PROBLEM – Millions of plastic bottles from companies like Coca-Cola enter the environment each year. These bottles should be getting recycled, but aren’t.

THE SOLUTION – We can dramatically increase recycling rates with container deposits, which add a small, refundable deposit to incentivize the return of bottles for recycling. So far, 10 U.S. states have container deposit (sometimes called “bottle bills”), which help them achieve recycling rates as high as 94 percent!

OUR DEMAND – Coca-Cola says they care about plastic pollution – but with their history of opposition to container deposits, their words don’t match their actions. We’re asking Coca-Cola to sit down with us to clarify their position on container deposits and tell us how they plan to stop their bottles from polluting the environment.

Take action to bring Coca-Cola to the table:

Here are THREE ACTIONS we are asking our community to take. Can you flex your Citizen Muscles by doing all three actions?

coke bottles on beach


Let’s make sure Coca-Cola gets the message loud and clear! Here’s how you can send a #messageinabottle and help reveal how much of Coca-Cola’s plastic waste ends up in the environment.

Keep your eyes peeled for Coca-Cola brand plastic bottles in the environment; or, organize a brand audit to collect Coca-Cola brand bottles (and other plastic waste) in a public space in your community. When you find a Coca-Cola brand plastic bottle, take a picture of it OR a video of you collecting it. Tweet, post, and share it for the world – and Coca-Cola – to see!

  • Make sure to tag @storyofstuff and @cocacola!
  • Use the hashtags #isthisyours, #messageinabottle, or #breakfreefromplastic!
  • Mention the location where you found the bottle!

Sample posts:

  • “@cocacola produces over 100 billion plastic bottles every year. I just picked up one of them from Memorial Park. My #messageinabottle to Coke: time to get serious about recycling solutions!”
  • “We held a cleanup in downtown Riga today and collected over 60 @cocacola brand soda bottles. Coke produced and profited from this plastic and left us to clean up the mess. My #messageinabottle to Coke: time to #breakfreefromplastic!”

Finally, submit your photo or video to The Story of Stuff Project (we can’t track everything on social media, and not everyone has social media!) here – make sure to let us know if it’s OK to share your content, and how you’d like to be credited.


coke bottles on beach

SIGN and SHARE the petition

Tens of thousands of people are raising their voices to demand that Coca-Cola support bottle deposits.

  1. Sign our petition calling on Coke to stop lobbying against bottle deposits in the U.S.
  2. Share the petition on Facebook or Twitter to help us hit our goal of 20,000 signatures


coke bottles on beach

Join our BRAND JAM

For companies like Coca-Cola, their brand is their most valuable asset. What better place to make some noise?

Create a piece of art that satirizes Coca-Cola, its brand, and its contribution to plastic pollution around the world. It could be an illustration, a parody ad, a fake commercial, a poster or infographic – see below for some inspiration.

Share your creation online, tagging @storyofstuff and @cocacola and using the hashtag #messageinabottle or #breakfreefromplastic.

To make sure we see your awesome creations, submit your work to The Story of Stuff Project here – please let us know if we have permission to share your content and how you’re like to be credited. We can’t wait to share your creations with the world – and with Coca-Cola!


One more thing… SHARE this campaign!

Help us make more noise by sharing this page and inviting others to participate.

  • Sample tweet: @cocacola says they care about plastic pollution – so why are they still standing in the way of solutions? Learn more and take action:
  • Sample post: One simple fix would keep millions of plastic beverage bottles out of landfills, incinerators, and the environment. So why is Coca-Cola blocking solutions? Help us bring Coke to the table so we can deliver our #messageinabottle. Learn more and take action:

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