Our Strategy

The petro-chemical industry hopes to dramatically increase the production of plastic in the coming years, a sinister plot to plasticize the world around us. But a global movement is rising to stave off this threat, countering the industry with zero waste, circular economy solutions that prioritize people and the planet.

The Story of Stuff Project and our partners in this #BreakFreeFromPlastic movement are working to ‘peak’ plastic production by the year 2025 so that production—particularly of low-value, unrecyclable plastics—decreases in the years that follow.

To achieve our goal, we are:

  • Fighting to eliminate low-value plastic packaging—which is cheap to produce, difficult to recycle and most likely to escape into the environment
  • Encouraging a dramatic increase in industry’s utilization of recycled content, both through voluntary commitments and new government regulation
  • Promoting innovations like the development of biologically benign polymers and plastic-free product delivery systems.

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