Unbottle Water

Fights around public water are popping up throughout the United States and around the world. Everyday people are working to preserve clean water access in their communities and to secure public water sources, systems, and infrastructure against privatization.

The Story of Stuff Project is a firm believer in safeguarding the commons for public good. Our Unbottle Water campaign supports communities around the United States and Canada. We’re fighting to protect public water resources from the aggressive privatization efforts of companies like Nestlé Waters as they push to secure new sources of water for bottling. We promote efforts to expand water affordability programs, rebuild aging water infrastructure, and counter industry attacks on clean water regulations.

Watch our latest movie, A Tale of Two Cities, which tells the story of citizens from two very different communities who find their futures linked by a threat to the one thing that all life requires: water.

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Canadians Fight Nestlé’s Water Extractions

In Ontario, community members are working to stop Nestlé’s extraction of water under expired permits.

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California Water Board Directs Nestlé to Immediately Cease Unauthorized Use of California’s Water

The CA State Water Board confirms allegations made against Nestlé confirming it is taking water from national forest land to which it has no legal claim.

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Defending the Commons: Lessons for public water allies

A deeper look into the terms of most public-private partnerships highlights exactly why public water is so important to preserve and defend.

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When Water Corporations Sue Countries, It’s Time to Fix What’s Broken

The international system to dispense “aid” to cash-strapped countries has a particularly destructive track record when it comes to people and water.

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Nestlé Hires Former FDA Official, Changes FDA Findings

Last month, Nestlé used its political clout and high powered lawyers to change the conclusion of an investigation by the US Food & Drug Administration into its bottled water labels.

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Michiganders are Leading the Way to Taking Back Public Water

Nestlé faces an uphill battle in Michigan as it attempts to draw more water from a well in Osceola County. Across the state, people are pushing back and our collective citizen muscles are building a movement too powerful to ignore.

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Goldendale Goes Nestlé Free

After Cascade Locks turned Nestlé away, other cities in the Pacific Northwest continue to stand up to the multinational corporation to protect their water.

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In Montana, Citizen Muscle vs. Water Bottlers

Residents and activists in Flathead Valley, Montana, are one step closer to stopping a water bottling plant proposal in their scenic community!

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Nestlé's Chief Sustainability Officer Makes Curious New Claim

CBS Los Angeles aired a segment about Nestlé’s Arrowhead water bottling operation in the San Bernardino National Forest after a recent roadside protest by local activists brought the issue back to the media’s attention.

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Nestlé: Prove Your Right To Our Water

Nestlé pumps up to 162 million gallons of water from the San Bernardino National Forest every year, claiming a water right stemming from their corporate predecessors. It's time we stop taking them at their word.

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Oregon Activists Take on Nestlé–And Win

Aurora del Val catalyzed her community's fight against Nestlé’s plans to bottle millions of gallons of local water. Now, the Governor has backed them up.

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Clean Water Doesn't Happen By Chance: Save the EPA

Gutting the EPA will destroy decades of progress we’ve made around the country to protect public drinking water, clean up the air, and reduce our exposure to thousands of toxic chemicals.

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Natural Disasters and Bottled Water’s Savior/Polluter Complex

Bottled water may provide necessary relief in the wake of natural disasters, but the industry itself poses serious long term threats.

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