Fewer Bags, Less Pollution, Cleaner Planet!

Use the map below to find out where plastic bags have been banned or taxed across the world. Here is how to read the different markers on the map:

m1_greenindicates there is more than one point in the area. Zoom in or click on this icon to see the individual markers appear on the map!

ban_greenmarks a place where plastic bags have been banned (a fee on other bags might also be in place);

fee_greenmarks a place where a fee on plastic bags has been established;

uc_greenmarks places where bills on plastic bags have been proposed but are still under consideration.

Click on the markers to see more information on the bills for each location and its date of implementation.

Some markers on the map below cover more more than place. For example, California, with a mix of citywide and countywide bans, now includes over 150 cities (!) with bans and/or fees.

Don’t see your city, county, state or country here? Our database is still small, but you can help us map plastic bag bans and fees worldwide by filling in the form!

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