Credits – A Tale of Two Cities

A Tale of Two Cities was created and released by The Story of Stuff Project with the support of the following individuals:

Produced by Michael O’Heaney, Miranda Fox, Mario Escobar, and Elisa Ringholm of The Story of Stuff Project.

Director: Miranda Fox
Editor: Mario Escobar
Director of Photography: Sarah Menzies
Design: Iris Maertens

Special thanks to our partner organizations:
Corporate Accountability
Council of Canadians
Flint Democracy Defense League
Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation
People’s Water Board
Michigan Welfare Rights Organization
Water You Fighting For? 

And thanks to the individuals who made this film possible:
Jericho Apo
Maude Barlow
Maryann Borden
Lila Cabbil
Peggy Case
Brett Chamberlin
Lauren De-Rusha Florez
Rhonda Huff
Liz Kirkwood
Emma Lui
Claire McClinton
John McLane
Jim Maturen
Melissa Mays
Wendy Nystrom
Jim Olson
Sylvia Orduño
Jeff Ostahowski
Karen Turnbull
Alissa Weinman
Stiv Wilson
Shani Womack