Donors – Our Water, Our Future Movie

The outpouring of support for this movie from our Community was immense– we can’t thank you enough for your generosity. Listed below are donors who gave $100 or more to produce Our Water, Our Future.

Katharine Barrett
Elaine Bayes
Karen K. Bird
Cathleen Blackburn
Cheryl Buck
Jeanette Caproon
Leonard Chu
Susan Collins
Lauri Costello
Martha Cottrill
Corinne Coughanowr
Sarah Delaney
Patrick Diamond
Dorothy Eddis
Mary Ford
Astrid Fuenderich
Vicki Gold
Joan Gussow
John Guzowski
Susan Hairston
Steven Hall
Anne Hemenway
Linda Hill
Anthony Ingle
Lynne Juarez

Jason Kimberley
Kevin Kyyro
Stefan Lang
Jo Larzelere
Veronika Makk
C Murata
K Murphy
Inc Netliant
Perla Ni
Melo O’Neal
Jennifer Parmelee
Leisha Phipps
Phil Rockey
Martha Rogers
Omid Saadatfard
Katherine Schubart
Marc Shulman
Jørn Sjøstrøm
Anne Stott
Sue Taylor
Sally Vogel
Bonnie Wade
Asmira Woodward-Page
Atiqah Zailani
Silke Ziehl