The new strategy to hold Big Plastic accountable

Every year, thousands of people get together to clean up the waste that washes onto beaches around the world – but more plastic always reappears. To break the cycle of plastic pollution, we need to do things another way. Now, we’re not just cleaning up trash – we’re bringing accountability to the companies that create it.

To do so, groups and individuals around the world are organizing brand audits. So, what is a brand audit?

It’s a public cleanup with a healthy dose of citizen science! Participants collect litter from beaches, parks, and other public spaces. Next, they tally what brands and products show up most often. This data helps The Story of Stuff Project and our partners in the #breakfreefromplastic movement identify the companies whose products most often end up in the environment, so we can work together to hold them accountable for their waste. Take a look at this video to learn more:

Want to get involved? Conduct a brand audit! Head here to learn how and to register your brand audit with The Story of Stuff Project.