The Story of Water – Action Guide

First – watch The Story of Water: Who Controls The Way We Drink? 

Ready to take action to guarantee that everyone has access to clean, safe, affordable drinking water? This check list is designed to help amplify our demands around protecting public water.

  1. Educate others and spread the word about public water solutions by sharing The Story of Water on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube!
  2. If you live in the U.S., write to your representatives in Congress to ask that they support the WATER Act which assures strong investment in and equal access to safe public water.
  3. Contact your local elected officials to learn more about your city or town’s water infrastructure. Tell them why you think water should remain in the public trust, and never be turned over to profit-driven corporations. Ask what you can do to help protect access to clean, safe public water where you live.
  4. Advocate for reusable water bottles, public drinking fountains, safe and accountable public water management, and home and office water filtration systems as needed. There are lots of ways to take action!

Thanks for making change with us! Download a PDF of this action guide here.